Monday, August 3, 2009

Where did my weekend go??

Our entire weekend was spent volunteering. And partying it up. Well, kind of....

Hubs does AADD (Airman Against Drunk Driving) every weekend and it has been pretty peaceful until this weekend.

Really Airman, REALLY? 4 of you in one night all at different bars all between the hours of 3 a.m and 4 a.m. I am super glad you called the hot line to get a ride, but excuse me hot line....there were like 5 other people on that list you could have called.

Saturday we did Meals on Wheels with a few other people from Hubs's shop. After that we all decided it would be fun to have a BBQ with the entire shop (or whoever showed up). So in the matter of 3 hours we picked a house, got all the food, called and invited everyone, and started prepping for the evening.

The BBQ was held at Hubs's closest friends house (he just closed on it a week ago) so we decided to help him get everything ready. Oh...and this friend will from here on out be referred to as Burger because that is what Little A insists his name is.

So, Burger, Hubs, and I got what we thought would be enough for the people we assumed would be coming. 45 people showed up!!!! We have never had that many people at a BBQ! It was so much fun!! Little A got to play with the puppy and all the other kids that were there. And the teenagers who showed up all watched the little ones. I got a break from being mommy for a few hours and got to enjoy adult conversation!

By the time we were done, the teens had made a HUGE tent and filled it with blankets they took out of Burger's closet and all the kids were asleep. They fell asleep watching Beauty and the Beast. It was the most peaceful moment any of us had seen! How THEY got our kids to fall asleep we will never know....but I think I'm going to bring one home with me next time.

Sunday, we went and helped out with Habitat for Humanity for about 6 hours. And then had some serious grocery shopping to do.

And somewhere in all that I found time to apply for MyCAA and get approved and get my FA set up and I am going back to school! I am going for Medical Transcription and can do it all from home, online.

So again I ask, where did my weekend go? I thought I was supposed to get to relax at least 1 day!

How was ya'lls weekend?!?!?


bigmamacass said...



Ok now I officially feel like a TOTAL bum. I sat on my BUTT all weekend. Besides grocery shopping with the toddler on Saturday, it was relatively painless. :)

Krystal said...

okay, i am not going to complain about the heat while i was gardening with princess - you were way more busy than me!!

congrats on the school - i did it online too and now am going back for my masters