Friday, September 18, 2009

Dear So and So,

Dear Little A,

Oh how I love you! Your simple laughs and smiles are enough to make my day. But yesterday you topped it! The fact the you thought you were the funniest thing in the world was priceless. The fact you had half the neighborhood cryng we were laughing so hard at your rendetion of the Nation Anthem was beyond words.

Love You Forever,



Dear Baby 2,

I love you already....but you are seriously kicking my @ss. I forgot just how much morning sickness REALLY blows. You just keep right on growing and we will get out of this stage together.




Dear TriCare Rep.,

Wow, just wow. You couldn't finish a complete thought and had no idea of the answers to any of our questions! You made us sit there and this to you say "And then, umm where was I..." for 2 hours. You are not my favorite person ever right now.

Tierd and Grumpy,



Dear Hubs,

You kick some srious @ss! You are by far the bestest husband EVER! Though when I told you I would see you later and went to walk out the door without Little A your comment baffled me. "Wait, what am I supposed to do with her for 2 hours?" Really honey, do I really not make you do enough that you aren't sure how to entertain your own child for 2 hours? But what do ya know, you did it...I came home to a house of blocks and Little A sitting in your lap watching you so very intently. See, I knew you could do it!

Your Truly,



Dear Readers,

Hop on over to Kat's to grab your button and play along! I know I have taken a slight hiatus but I have good reason...the porcelien really has become my new BFF.

Have a great weekend,


Monday, September 14, 2009

Babies Babies Everywhere.....

So of course Hubs and I have been talking about having another Little One and everywhere I look there are overly cute pregnant women.

I woke up this morning just having a know those things we women get....that something is "off," yeah it was that feeling.

So I peed on a stick and it said POSITIVE!!!! I went and had blood work drawn this morning at the base clinic (and they were not very nice about it either) and an hour later that called to verify that I was indeed pregnant.

Of course I'm only a few weeks along so these first 3 months are the dire ones. I'm just going to take it easy and make sure I take extra good care of myself.

I'm still in shock that it happened so quickly but couldn't be happier!

So I have an exciting 9 months ahead and will of course use this blog to rant about how much morning sickness blows chunks!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

And What Happened At Finance You Ask.....

Finance: 1 The B.'s: 0

They are running EVERYONE in circles. Hubs is about to lose it on them. But his shop is now all pitching in to help cover what little bills we have. They know the pain and struggle we have gone through with these people since he joined last December.

Speaking of of the supervisors made the comment that we should have known they would screw up our pay and should have had about $6,000 saved. OUCH...well since he just joined less than a year ago and we haven't received the same amount of pay for more than 1 month in a row. Saving money hasn't exactly been easy.

The cause of the screw up....Hubs went in and got the payment plan set up the day after the debt showed up. You have a total of 45 days to get this stuff taken care of. The Airman filled out all the paperwork and mailed it to his supervisor. 45 days later it is still sitting unopened in the supervisors inbox.

Oh well, they are still "seeing what they can do" and Hubs's supervision is calling about every hour staying on them to get it done!

But my daddy will be here today! I can't wait...I haven't seen him in over a year! Even if it is for only 2 days I'm excited!

I'm not sure exactly what we are going to do or where we will be so I may be away from my blog for the weekend...but I will catch up come Monday!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I Can See Clearly Now...

*sings* the rain is gone.

Ok, that was my randomness for today. After my minor freak out yesterday and calmly telling Hubs what happened he called his supervisor. They went up the lovely Chain of Command and today once Hubs gets off work Chief and Hubs are making a trip to the Finance office together.

So for now, I can breathe a sigh of relief.

On a sadder note Hubs switched to mids and his first night was last night. It was weird. I mean it was WONDERFUL not being pushed and shoved off the bed, and I got all pillows to myself. But it was weird not waking up to him.

I'm really going to buckle down and get a much school work done as fast as I can so I can be done and start working. I'm doing really well (I think) but I wish I could have been done yesterday.

Little A has hit a very very whiny stage in her life...NOTHING is every good enough for that little one. But it is very cute to watch her try and figure things out on her own.

Well, today it is back to the real world. No more BBQ's and hanging out with friends. I hope everyone had a fabulous Labor Day weekend!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Do They EVER Get It Right?

I'm talking about the USAF finance department. Our current LES is reading that we are getting $0.00. Yeah, I'm guys said you fixed everything and I can't make it buy in that. You guys have already drained our savings...can you cut us a break!

My stress level just sky rocketed. And I can't go scream and yell at Hubs because he is asleep....preparing for his new mid's shift. ARG! Sorry you guys had to deal with that vent but I am so sick of them screwing up!

On a brighter daddy is coming to see me this next weekend! Even Hubs is happier about seeing him than he was about his own family! (And it's because my dad is normal).

I hope everyone is having a wonderful long weekend! I have a punching bag I need to go hit.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

I Love Fall

For one simple reason...I love coats. And this year I will be adding this lovely to my collection. It's a Belted Military Coat from Alloy. It was love at first sight...and will be in my closet next month.

On another note I am going to the bookstore in a little while to pick up this new book. I have heard really good things about it and the reviews are wonderful. It's about a woman named Mia whose boyfriend deploys to Iraq for a year. And all the crazy crap she deals with while he is gone. The author wrote it a year after her husband returned from needless to say it is semi-autobiographical.

I hope everyone has a good Labor Day weekend! Can't wait to read all about them come Tuesday!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Dear So and So,

Dear Little A,


Love Always,


Dear Hub's Shop,

Really? You are grown men....can we stop with the high school drama bull shit?



Dear Hobby Lobby,

Christmas stuff already? Halloween isn't even here yet. Can't we take it one holiday at a time please.

The Holiday Grinch


Dear Readers,

Sorry, I have nothing interesting and funny today. It's been a weird week. But YOU can be witty and fun by going to Kat's Blog and grabbing her button and signing Mr. Linky.


Thursday, September 3, 2009

What Happens When You Give A Child Caffiene....

Last night Hubs gave Little A a chocolate chip cookie. Normally they do nothing for her. But this was no ordinary had magical powers. My 15 month old turned into Crazy Baby!

Let me play this scene out for you.....

*Sitting on the couch with daddy eating a cookie watching the last 15 minutes of Barney*

Mom: Ok munchkin, bed time.

*Little A reaches up gives us goodnight kisses and hugs and then we head off to bed*

8:30 rolls around and I hear giggling coming from her room.

I go in to see what the heck is so funny and she is sitting....staring at the wall...laughing.

I bring her out to the living room to see if I can calm her down a little.

*The craziness begins*

Hubs is talking to his parents and I am sitting on the floor getting ready to read Little A a book when she takes off. Running in a circle sticking her tongue out yelling "ARRRRRRRRRR."

Then she proceeded to do a front flip on tile floor...laughing hysterically.

She got up took off at full speed down the hall and ran smack dab into the wall and yelled "BOOOOOOOOM" as she flew backwards.

She then proceeded to run back down the hall and land right in my lap...knocking the breath right out of me.

FINALLY after 30 minutes of Crazy Baby my Little A came back to me. She put her hand on her hip and looked me square in the eye and said "MaMa...Night Night."

She walked back to her room (hand still on the hip) and sat next to her crib until I could comprehend everything that just happened and get back there.

My child has officially lost her ever loving mind...and all caffeine privileges for the rest of her life!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Busted Ear Drums and Military Doctor's....

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE (did you catch how much I love here) my mil doctor. He is amazing! He actually diagnosed my busted ear drum without hurting me! This is not the first busted ear drum I have had mind you...but it is the first where I had to go to the clinic. My civilian doctor jammed stuff in my ear and said "Oops, looks like you busted will heal." And he was did...but it hurt for 2 months. Today, Mr. Doc. Looked gently said "I know this hurts and then gave me meds to help heal it!" YAY!

But wait...what's the back story on how I busted my ear drum you ask. I wasn't doing anything cool like a rock concert or standing by loud speakers. No, nothing like that. I was walking down the street with Little A when a bee buzzed his happy little butt right up on my ear...and STUNG me! Apparently the buzzing of said bee in my ear was enough to cause it to bust. And Mr. Doc. was also nice enough to take the stinger out of the inside of my ear.

Just one more reason for me to hate bees.

But I can use this being almost completely deaf in my left ear to my advantage...and I may have last night!

"I'm sorry honey...I really couldn't hear Little A crying, thank you for finally getting up and doing something about it!"

"I'm sorry honey, were you bitching about what I made for dinner....I couldn't hear you. I thought you said you wanted broccoli."

I could get use to this.

Now, the one thing the doc said that made me giggle a little was "Try and avoid and loud noises for the next 2 weeks."

What's Little A doing as he says his....banging the knee reflex instrument against the wall.

So now would be a wonderful time for Hubs to take his two weeks leave and go back and visit his family with Little A!