Wednesday, August 26, 2009

And I'm Better Now...Part 3

Let's see....I left off yesterday with us heading to the caverns.

My mommy thoughts are this "It's a 45 minute drive to the caverns that is plenty of time for Little A to get a nap in so she can be rested for the caves." But what do I know about having a kid right....she doesn't need a nap....She's only saying "night night" and rubbing her eyes. But instead the SIL and her girlfriend decide they are going to ride with us and sit in the back seat with her. Hubs's family is loud, their inside voice is the rest of the worlds screaming voice in the middle of Time Square on New Year's Eve...really, they are that loud.

So Little A is sitting in her car seat staring at them. I'm not even sure she blinked. But she never did get to take a nap. When we got there they wanted to get yet another breakfast (these people also need to eat full meals about every hour and a half) so we went to the restaurant they have in the caverns and ordered food. Little A was eating off of Hubs's plate so I thought it was a wonderful time for me to run and use the ladies room while she wasn't paying attention.


Apparently in the 7 minutes it took me to get to the restroom, pee, wash my hands, and get back they finished eating Hubs had gone to use the restroom and the In Laws were trying to get Little A strapped into the hiking back pack. The child ha NEVER been in this thing before and she has 4 people she doesn't like surrounding her trying to put her in a contraption she has never seen before. She was screaming so loud she was purple. I sprinted across the restaurant back to my baby and grabbed her out of the back pack and yelled at the In Laws for being such idiots. I took Little A outside and got her calmed down and put her in the back pack myself. She went right in, with no trouble and then Hubs got her loaded up on his back to begin the journey down through the caves.

Little A fell asleep in the back pack about 5 minutes down the walk way which made the trip down almost enjoyable. Once we got down to the bottom Little A woke up and wanted me...well...I can't wear the back pack because it is just to big for me so I put on her sling and we walked the last 1.5 miles up hill. That was not enjoyable. She was kicking and grabbing and scratching, I was walking as fast as I could to get out of there. The rest of the crew was pissed because I wasn't looking around and taking in all the wonders of the cave. I bite my tongue and just kept walking.

We FINALLY got out of there and decided we should probably head home since it was almost 3:00. I was jumping up and down! HOME!!!!! Sweet home!!! Little did I know it was going to take 5 hours for a 3 hour trip. Only because they had to stop and eat....twice on the way home.

Once we got back to my wonderfully beautiful house I kissed the floor and everything that was right! I got Little A a bath and ready for bed when they decided we needed to eat dinner...again....I told them to go without me I was putting Little A to bed and just sitting for a bit. They threw a fit because that means they didn't get to spend as much time as they wanted with Little A and I very politely told them to get over it! She's still a baby...she still has a bed time...and a schedule that we try to keep because it works for us!

They decided we just just do more fast food but bring it home this time. They stayed here until about 11:30 before going back to the hotel and calling it a night.

Sunday morning they came over before 7:00 and asked why Little A wasn't awake yet....really, are you serious...and they they went and woke her up. My skin was crawling. But they decided they were going to cook breakfast so I offered to run to the store to get everything we needed ( I really just needed an escape). I layed Little A down in her room about 9:30 before I left....I got back 20 minutes later and they had already gotten her back out of bed. She was crying and sitting under my computer desk but no one seemed to care that she was scared....they just kept doing things to scare her even more. I dropped the groceries and swooped up my poor baby.

While the SIL was cooking breakfast she made the biggest mistake of the weekend. Her words quoted for you guys...."a.l.b. I'm just going to say it because we have all discussed it but no one else has the guts to say it to you. You aren't a very good have to let her cry every now and then. And you kept her from us all weekend."

I went ape shit. No one comes in to my house, scares my kid and then calls me a bad mom. That's just not cool.

Now while I know and completely agree that I have to let Little A cry sometimes there are times I don't. When she gets hurt, when she is scared, and when we are in a public restaurant after 7:00 p.m. (I think it's kinda rude so I am going to do everything in my powers to make sure she is being good.)

After I went off on everyone for coming into MY house and scaring the living hell out of my child they decided it was probably a good idea if they leave that evening instead of he next morning. I didn't speak to them again.

When they left I was the happiest person ever. And then Hubs had the nerve to say "See honey, it wasn't all that bad." AND HE WAS SERIOUS! Now he is talking about taking 2 weeks leave to go back and visit his family....I told him to have fun I'd see him when he got back.

So, that was my weekend with the In Laws, and I never EVER want to have to deal with that again!

Thanks for sticking with my story! I know it was long and just a serious rant.....but I feel better now that I put it out there!

Oh, and after they got home and called to tell us so they also told me that they were going to be monitoring my eating habits because I was to small......I'm sorry....I eat 3 healthy meals a day with two snacks and go to the gym and work out 3 days a week. I can't do the whole eat fast food every couple of hours everyday for 4 days. I was so sick after that!


JG said...

Oh my gosh. I'm so sorry. So glad it's over now! Hopefully next time you'll have more control over the situation (we can dream, can't we?) Don't you love how hubs are completely blind to their family's issues? Ugh.

Staci said...

Wow! I can't believe they had the balls to call you a bad mom. Do they know ANYTHING about parenting. Wow. I am so sorry that you and Little A had to deal with all that crap. Thankfully you made it through and don't have to see them again for a very long time.

smilelines said...

You're a better woman than me, with tons more patience too. No way would I have put up with all that bullshit. I hate every single last one of my in laws. I don't see it changing either ha.