Monday, August 17, 2009

2 rooms down....

So, Hubs and I decided about a month ago that we would be playing the role of Martha Stewart in our house. We have both only lived in tiny apartments that weren't worth the effort to decorate. Now that we have a house we want it to look nice. We were finally able to finish our living room about 2 weeks ago, and I have never been so happy! Well, until Hubs decided that the next room we needed to decorate was the bathroom. As much I want our bedroom done next I sucked it up and said ok...we can do the bathroom. $200.00 and 3 trips to Bed Bath and Beyond later my bathroom is complete. Little A did most of the picking as to what she wanted...since it is her bathroom too! I know, I know...she's 15 months old...but he is a very picky girl and some really weird things scare her and make her run and cry as if the buggy man was after her. It is all done up in pretty fish...Hubs is even weird enough to have given the fish soap dispenser a name...HIS name is now Waldo. I married a strange man. Oh well, I will post pictures of the two rooms later this week.

Right now I am preparing for my in-laws to get here. This takes a lot of mental preparation. I mean A LOT!

Did anyone else catch the new episode of True Blood last night?!?! Eric can lay naked in the bed any time he wants in my book!

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bigmamacass said...

I need to do that around my house. To pretty much every room :)