Monday, August 31, 2009

Oh What A Long Miserable Weekend....

It all started Friday with the Squadron know that thing I busted my arse fundraising for while trying to prepare for the in laws to arrive....was a bust. I mean people showed up but the planning of the actual picnic was kinda poorly done....maybe I should have taken on that task too!

The guys were bored out of there minds....there was nothing for them to do that was "fun" when there should have been because it was a day off to them. So everyone sat around drinking and talking....and drinking an talking.... For the first time I actually felt bad for them!

Little A and Burger became even better friends!! She followed him EVERYWHERE he went so he finally just picked her up and took her with him. A break for me!!!!! YAY!!!!!

Saturday was just all around work and more school work and then a Uni*som so I could actually get a decent nights sleep. I don't really like the way it makes me feel the next day but man does it work if you don't want to wake up throughout the night or dream or's like you are dead to the world!

Sunday we spent the day doing searches online for the perfect dog to add to our family. I know we have baby talk going on here but we also have fur baby talk going on too. We found the perfect Little we are playing the waiting game. She's a one and a half year old Full Blooded Golden Retriever. It was love at first sight on the computer. She was raised around kids but her owners had to put her up for adoption when they moved over seas. The only down side is it is a 3 hour drive to go get her! So hopefully I will be making that drive by Wednesday! Everyone keep your fingers crossed for me! We really really want this little fur baby.

Well, I hope you ladies had a wonderful weekend! But now it is back to that stupid Monday chore list. Dishes, laundry, vacuum, sweep, mop.....oh how I hate Mondays...

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JG said...

Cool, can't wait to see pics of the new addition.

You might want to try Tylenol's Simply Sleep. I can take two at night, and as long as I get 8ish hours, you don't have any "hangover" when you wake up.