Monday, August 24, 2009

And I'm Better Now...Part 1

The In Laws left a day early *insert happy dance* and I now have my house and my life back. I HATE not feeling in control and when they are around it is 100 % chaos.

Let's see here...where to begin. How about when they got here Thursday. They weren't supposed to be here until around 7:30 or 8:00 at the earliest. But that was not the case...the car pulled up at 5:15. Hubs of course is thrilled...Little A and I...not so much. They bring in tons and tons of toys. Things that make weird noises, things that sing, things that pop, movies, books, and tons and tons of clothes.

I had this genious plan to not open everything and then wrap some of it up for Christmas for her! I would have put there name on it....but she didn't need it all at was just to much for a 15 month old. BUUUUUT as always my plan falls through when they open everyhting and give it to her all at once. By this point Little A is curled up in a ball on my lap because she isn't sure what to do. There are tons of people in our house, she doesn't know that all want her undivided attention.

They decided at 8:00 we should go get dinner. GREAT, Little A is beyond tired and doesn't want anything to do with anyone besides me. She wouldn't even go to Hubs because he was all about these crazy people that had envaded HER personal space. We went to a small Mexican Restraunt where I didn't even get to eat because Little A was glued to me, she wouldn't even sit in her chair because it was to close to people who were all over her. I was laughing on the inside It broke my heart for them.

Friday we headed out of this tiny town and went to Roswell, NM. Because you can't go to New Mexico and not learn all about the aliens....right? Luckily they had a kids zoo that was free so we walked around there and let Little A watch the animals. She still wouldn't go to anyone so I carried her around on my hipand laughed as she touched the deers nose and then I rushed her away to the nearest sink and washed her hands. After we went to the zoo we went to the UFO Research Museum. And while it was very had nothing, and I mean NOTHING that could keep a child entertained. So Hubs paraphrased the entire place for me once we got back out to the car.

After leaving Roswell we headed down to Carlsbad, NM. We got a hotel for the night and then went to WalMart to get swim suits for us! They had an indoor pool...and I knew it would be the only time Little A had fun all weekend. She got one of those nifty ones where the life vest is built in and I had to go to the Little Girls department to find something that fit. Don't judge me! They only had 2XL bikinis left and I really wanted to swim with Little A. So I went and got an XL one piece from the girls department! Hubs got a pair of basketball shorts and we were back off to the hotel. We met the In Laws down by the pool and got in to enjoy the swimming.......

That is all for today...I will finish the rest of the story tomorrow. It is a nightmare from here on out.


JG said...

Oh dear....what makes people think that they are able to completely rearrange your life just by virtue of their presence?

Big Mama Cass said...

Well at least the swimming sounds good!! :)