Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pillow Thieves and Bed Hogs

So last night as Hubs and I were going to bed we had one of those arguments that you spend the entire fight laughing your ass off.

We have a huge king size bed...I'm a whopping 5'3" and 102 lbs. Hubs is 6'4" and 175 lbs. So, this king size bed should EASILY hold us both at night. It doesn't to say the least....I wake up every morning hanging on to the bed for dear life so I don't fall and die. Hubs is sound asleep on MY SIDE OF THE BED! (And it doesn't matter if we switch sides of the bed he still ends up on my side.) And last night we figured out why this is....

Pillows...I'm a HUGE fan of these wonderful things. I sleep with 4 a night, leaving Hubs with 2. Well, apparently I like these pillows so much that I also take his while we are sleeping. Right out from under his head. I don't remember doing this, I think he is full of it.

Turns out he is not. I woke up at 4:30 this morning with 6 pillows and him on my side of the bed. All the poor man wants is somewhere nice and soft to lay his head. And here I am for the last 4 years blaming him for taking up to much room!

Looks like we will have to super glue pillows to his side of the bed so I can't steal them and maybe he will stay put just for one night!


JG said...

I have that problem too, although we have a queen and Hubs (being the biggest) only brushes 5'9". We figured out it's because he's very clingy when he's asleep...and when he's awake, but a WHOLE lot more when he's asleep. Crazy, huh?

Found your blog from Casey's over at Ever-Changing Life today. Nice to meet you!

The Mrs. said...

we just got a king bed and I'm in love. Now we don't even see each other at night. I know that sounds harsh but given that we spend about 8 months apart a year we are more used to sleeping solo. The key for us? a select comfort. I like mine really soft and his side is super hard so we stick to what we like.

But he does toss all his pillows over to my side at night. I find that rather annoying.

Casey (@ Ever-Changing Life) said...

We started with a double, moved to a queen, and now I am ready for a KING! Ah! Stay on your side! :)

European beds have their own mattresses, blankets, and pillows. It's like two beds pushed together. Maybe we all need those!