Friday, July 31, 2009

"If you cleanse with a friend......"

Ok, so I get the point of infomercials I really take up time when they can find nothing better to put on TV. The fact that they can't find anything better to put on TV at 11:30 a.m. is the first thing that worries me. The second....infomercials on bowel movements and backed up fecal matter.


I really don't care about how often your toddler poops or your grandma poops. In fact I was much better before I knew this horrid piece of information.

So, if you feel the need to cleanse and then look at your bowel movement (I shit you not I'm writing this as the infomercial is on) then get Dual Action Cleanse.

I feel the need to write ABC and my local network and explain to them how disturbing this is. I can't even eat my lunch...I know I could change the channel, but this crap, bad choice of words there, stuff is just mind boggling.

Ok, I'm done grossing everyone else out. Anyone else seen any crazy infomercials lately??


bigmamacass said...

*shudder* I saw that same infomercial and thought the same thing. Nasty.

smilelines said...

well hello! i found you through another blog, noticed our close age proximity and that we both have a child (or 2 in my case). i was also once an air force wife, we were based in wyoming =/ be glad you're in nm and not there! anywho.. I'm elle. thought i'd make myself known and i hope you don't mind me following your blog :)

smilelines said...

erm, btw, i dunno.... i added u on msn :p just in case you're ever bored heh. my blackberry is always on wifi