Tuesday, August 25, 2009

And I'm Better Now...Part 2

Ok, so where were we...oh yeah...enjoying the pool with Little A.

She was splashing and kicking and laughing and loving every minute of it...until....the FIL decided he wanted to get in with her too (she hates this man...really she does). The logical thing for him to have done was to walk in using the steps like a normal person. But no, he jumps cannon balls into the shallow end of the pool where she is playing. She went bat shit crazy. He splashed water all in her face and scared my poor baby half to death. I did everything in my mommy super powers to calm my child down...but she was done. She didn't want anywhere near that water or that man again.

I got her in her pack n play (which she hates more than life itself, I might add) and sound asleep when there is banging on my door at the hotel, which in turn wakes Little A up. I'm about 2 seconds from throwing someone off the balcony-really I am-but I got up and answered the door to see what in God's name these people wanted.

It was the lovely SIL telling me that they were ordering pizza next door and I needed to come eat once I got Little A to sleep. I gave her a big *F YOU* and shut the door. 2 hours later, around 11:00 p.m., I get Little A back to sleep (and don't ask where Hubs was when all this was going on because your guess is as good as mine) and went next door to get a slice of pizza before I passed out. But was there any pizza left for me when I got there....noooooooo....they ate it all. So for dinner Friday night I had a bag of Sun Chips and a Coke from the Vending machine. This trip was a FABULOUS idea! *insert sarcasm here*

Before everyone went to bed the ever so awesome FIL tells us we need to be downstairs for breakfast at 6:45 so we can leave by 7:15. I, in my very nicest tone of voice told him "I will be down there when Little A wakes up and is ready to go for the day." He did not like that answer...but I'm sorry...if we are going to be hiking all day she is getting whatever amount of sleep she wants before I get her ready for the day.

So I show up at breakfast the next morning at 8:00 with Hubs by my side. Everyone else was done and waiting...I may or may not have taken an extra 45 minutes to get ready on purpose. We, meaning they, decided that instead of going to the caves first thing that morning we would go to the Living Desert Zoo first. Awesome....something Little A might be able to enjoy! We get there at about 8:30 and I go to grab the stroller out of the car...it's a 2 mile hike around this place and I knew she wouldn't go to any one else besides me to carry. The In Laws folded my stroller back up and said we don't need that let's go. I should have listened to my mommy gut....it knows what it is talking about! 5 minutes into the hike FIL sees a wasp by the bobcat exhibit. Now before I go on, I thought it was common knowledge that when there is one wasp there is usually a hive nearby. I was mistaken on this little known fact because FIL swats the wasp with his hat and out come 45 more! I got stung 3 times...Little A got stung once....and Hubs got it worst of all with 11. I became completely livid at this point and began screaming at everyone. Little A is crying her eyes out, grabbing her leg and I am doing everything I can to make it not hurt. And while I am yelling and cussing at everyone for hurting my baby THIS little guy crawled across my foot.

I had the worst time EVER at this zoo. It could have been fun...really...to see all these native animals to the area in one place and random ones just walking around....but for 2 miles I had to deal with Little A clinging on for dear life because she thought something else was going to get her...all because FIL couldn't leave the wasp alone.

I was the first one back in to the building where they have an area for kids to pick up and touch all the old bull horns and fossils. She loved that. It was cool and she got to touch stuff without getting in trouble!

After we left there we headed to Carlsbad Caverns. But that will be Part 3 tomorrow....because my blood pressure is rising just telling you guys about this weekend! It still yet....only gets better.

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JG said...

Oh. My. Word. I'm so sorry. What jerks! But at least it's over now, right?