Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Preparations are under way....

The in laws will be here in 2 days. I'm not ready for this at all. The house is as clean as it is going to get, and Little A is as grumpy as ever. I love them, I really do...but they know how to make my life stressful. And they are doing a VERY good job of that right now.

I'm getting at least 3 phone calls a day asking if I have booked there hotel rooms and have made our plans for the time they will be here. And my answer has been the same every time..."No, I'm not doing it, it's not my job."

They are making crazy elaborate plans for while they are here and all the places we are going to go see. Here is where the problem starts....

1. Hubs is on 12's this week.
2. The plane they are working on....is having severe problems they are trying to get fixed before the next flight.
3. Hubs is in charge of several fundraisers going on with the help of Burger...and needs to be there doing that also.

Ok, so the in laws have it set in their minds that Hubs will have Friday off and we will start our drive around this state. (Welcome to the military...planning is not a good idea).

The second problem is Little A hates the car....she's good for about an hour...two max. Driving all of the state is not going to fly with her at all. And then there is going to be a pissy Hubs and an even more pissy me.

Nothing they want to do is kid friendly so Hubs and I will be stuck sitting and waiting for them to finish before we can move on to the next Great Adventure.

And then to top it all off they want us to take 1 car....there will be 7 of us total. The absolute max my car can hold is 5....and theirs 4. Would it be wrong of me to offer to just stay home with Little A for the weekend while they go do whatever it is they want to do?!?!?!

Eh, I may just tell them we are taking to cars and I will take Little A to the zoo while they g rock climbing (see what I mean by not kid friendly).

How would anyone else handle this situation?

OH...and they bought her $300.00 worth of toys. What 15 month old child needs THAT many toys?!?! She loves her ball and a water bottle. Things that sing creep her out, and things that make to much noise give me a migraine....just like this weekend is going to...


The Mrs. said...

are your inlaws closely related to mine? My mantra is they mean well but even that doesn't get me thru. And how is it that when HIS parents come into town flyboy runs and hides somewhere, I wouldn't ever do that with my parents to him. I feel your pain. And I'll be praying for you!

oh and the toy thing... they got my kids a GIANT dinosaur for xmas, no shit, the darn thing is big enough flyboy can sit on it. That's a great toy for a two year old, it still scares him crapless.

a.l.b. said...

you always know how to make me feel better and laugh! at least i know i'm not a horrible person for wanting to run away screaming!

bigmamacass said...

Reading your blog with the white font on black background gives me crazy trails as soon as I look away. Is my brain messed?

I would totally stay home with Little A while they went and "Rock climbed". What the heck do they want you there for that for??? Aren't they coming to see their grand daughter?? not to do crazy "stunts"?? The zoo idea sounds good too. Just put your foot down. You are the Mama! :)

JG said...

I feel ya. Back in March, FIL lost his job, so it seemed like a convenient time to come down and visit his kids for only the second time in 6 years, since - quote - "he didn't have anything to do....and by the way, I'll be there day after tomorrow." !! what is it about in-laws??