Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Busted Ear Drums and Military Doctor's....

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE (did you catch how much I love here) my mil doctor. He is amazing! He actually diagnosed my busted ear drum without hurting me! This is not the first busted ear drum I have had mind you...but it is the first where I had to go to the clinic. My civilian doctor jammed stuff in my ear and said "Oops, looks like you busted it...it will heal." And he was right...it did...but it hurt for 2 months. Today, Mr. Doc. Looked gently said "I know this hurts and then gave me meds to help heal it!" YAY!

But wait...what's the back story on how I busted my ear drum you ask. I wasn't doing anything cool like a rock concert or standing by loud speakers. No, nothing like that. I was walking down the street with Little A when a bee buzzed his happy little butt right up on my ear...and STUNG me! Apparently the buzzing of said bee in my ear was enough to cause it to bust. And Mr. Doc. was also nice enough to take the stinger out of the inside of my ear.

Just one more reason for me to hate bees.

But I can use this being almost completely deaf in my left ear to my advantage...and I may have last night!

"I'm sorry honey...I really couldn't hear Little A crying, thank you for finally getting up and doing something about it!"

"I'm sorry honey, were you bitching about what I made for dinner....I couldn't hear you. I thought you said you wanted broccoli."

I could get use to this.

Now, the one thing the doc said that made me giggle a little was "Try and avoid and loud noises for the next 2 weeks."

What's Little A doing as he says his....banging the knee reflex instrument against the wall.

So now would be a wonderful time for Hubs to take his two weeks leave and go back and visit his family with Little A!

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Organic Meatbag said...

Wow, who would have guessed that a bee could burst your eardrum?? Wow, what a one in a million shot for it to sting you in the ear!