Thursday, July 30, 2009

Scared of WHAT??

So today I realized that I am a big fat chicken!

I don't know why it took me so long to figure this out....but I am. Maybe it's because I'm not scared of things like heights or spiders.

What scares me you ask...the shower curtain. You read that right. When it touches my feett in the shower it makes me scream. See, I told you I was a chicken.

Another thing, I can't put my hand in a box without having this fear that a snake is going to put its fangs in me. I know it's stupid, but it goes from the box with the trash bags in it, to the coke boxes, to the cereal boxes.

Is anyone else scared of anything completly ridiculous like I am? Or am I just a freak!?!


bigmamacass said...

ummm... I know I am a freak and have totally irrational fears... but they are different... like... I have an overwhelming fear that I will not be able to read all of the books I want before I die. I know its a weird and totally goofy fear but I think about it daily. I have a ton of other ones but my brain is sleeping right now so I can't think of any. My memory is terrible these days. I will try to remember and come back and tell you when I think of them. IF I can remember to come back that is. lol

bigmamacass said...

I totally just thought of one! (sorry I say totally way too often and mostly to the annoyance of others) Anyhoo... I have this fear that is very similar to yours. Only.. different. Ok... So I can't go to the bathroom in the dark. I HAVE to turn on the light and check to make sure the bowl is clean, flushed, sparkly and free of snakes. I read this email once (back in the dial up American Online "You've Got Mail" days) that said something about this woman not looking and she sat and a snake had gotten in through her septic system and bit her on the ass and she died on the pot. Or something like that. Ok, well she probably didn't die but in my head it was just as bad. Anyway... since then I cannot no matter what sit on a toilet without light and checking it out first. It goes without saying that I can't use a port o john or an outhouse either. But give me a nice bush and a leaf and I am THERE! completely weird, I know.

The Laughing Idiot said...

I have to close our closet door before going to bed - not necessarily a fear, but more of a compulsion. My husband claims I'm afraid of the Boogie Man.

A real, stupid fear I have is that someone is under my bed and is going to grab my arm or leg if I let them hang over the side of the bed.

Between the Boogie Man in my closet and who knows what under my bed, it's a wonder I get any sleep.