Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Holy Cows!

I love the rain. Little A loves the rain. Hubs loves the rain. I hate cows who smell really bad when it rains. Lately it has been raining every morning in this tiny little Podunk town we live in. It's wonderful really, until you have to walk outside. The smell of wet cow is something no one should ever have to experience more than once in there lives. Yet I have had to smell it every morning for the last 2 weeks. I'd love nothing more than to go Febreeze their asses.

OK...other than that little rant I started and finished Nights In Rodanthe yesterday. Cried just a little, but over all I really liked it. Hubs actually laughed at me because I was finishing up my book while cooking dinner last night. He walked into the kitchen to find me sitting on the counter with my feet against the wall, crying, an stirring the pasta. He looked, laughed, and walked away. He's a smart man for turning around.

Is it weird that Little A will lay on the couch with me all day and listen to me read one of my books but she can't sit through one of her five page cardboard books? She's a goofy kid I tell you.

Oh well, I need to go pick out another book to read today.

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bigmamacass said...

I just started Lost & Found by Jacqueline Sheenan. It is supposed to be fantastic. :) So that is my suggestion.

I haven't read Nights in Rodanthe yet but I saw the movie and wept like a baby. So i am putting that read off for a bit. lol

We have chicken farms everywhere here. So on a hot humid day, we smell chicken poo. Let's trade. I would LOVE to smell some wet cow instead of chicken crap. :D