Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Becoming A Pretty Little Housewife.

I am not what anyone would call a wonderful housewife. I try, really I do, but sometimes I just fall short. Like, dishes...those things SUCK! I believe that the dishwasher should be able to take everything off the plates and bowls.

But something I have gotten better at is baking. I love love love cupcakes. They are by far the most amazing things in the world. So last night I decided it was time to learn how to makes homemade cupcakes. I did it! I made homemade peanut butter cupcakes and they are to die for delicious!! Hubs fell in love. But sadly Little A doesn't even get to try peanut butter for her. But here are is my mater piece.

They are nothing fancy, and you can top it with what ever you like (I of course picked milk chocolate).

I am trying to learn to cook "real" food, but Hubs is a super picky eater. If it looks like a veggie you can forget it. Luckily Little A would rather eat her veggies and fruit than anything else (as long as she gets a waffle for breakfast). And needless to day Hubs's bad eating habits are making my 30 DAY SHRED a bigger pain in my ass than it already is!

Oh, and yesterday we found out that Hubs's family is coming out for a visit next month. Ask me later and I will let you know how I feel about this I can't wait to see them and entertain them for a full 7 days! I will keep you updated on what type of crazy activities I plan for there trip here. Oh, and did I mention Hubs can't take leave then and will be on 7 12's that week. I could kill him He works so hard! Oh well, I will get through this just like I get through everything else!

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