Saturday, July 18, 2009

I'm so behind!

On movies that is! I don't get out much. Little A keeps mine and Hubs hands tied so we live off of Netflix and the base library movie. Last night I got around to watching "He's Just Not That Into You" and I for whatever reason adored it! Maybe it's because I have a secret crush on Justin Long (what can I say I love skinny guys) but I could seriously watch that movie every night!! And the good news...Hubs didn't absolutely hate it like he hates almost every other chick flick known to man kind.

Oh, and after being in this house for 2 months I finally got the last 2 boxes unpacked. It is sad, I know but Hubs has been slacking on his "Get This Shit Done" list. I needed the book shelf put together. My thoughts...Hubs is a mechanic, putting together a bookshelf will take 5 minutes. I was wrong. Without a TO this crap was nearly impossible!! 2 hours later my bookshelf is together and everything is put up! I finally feel like I have a real house!

And I did my first day of the 30 DAY SHRED yesterday and I would like to say these words in the nicest way possible. Jillian Michaels, I hate you, I hurt, and you made me feel weak! Screw you! That was a nice as I could put it. I am going to make Hubs do it with me this evening so he can see why I'm walking funny.

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The Mrs. said...

Hubs is a navigator yet he cant find his way out of a paper bag. There is a saying in the squadron, I'm sure your husband has heard it, "never ask a flight mech to work on your car, never ask a loadmaster for help moving, never ask a navigator for directions." If they arent working on a plane or in the air they are for the most part... useless! But always cute to look at : )