Friday, September 18, 2009

Dear So and So,

Dear Little A,

Oh how I love you! Your simple laughs and smiles are enough to make my day. But yesterday you topped it! The fact the you thought you were the funniest thing in the world was priceless. The fact you had half the neighborhood cryng we were laughing so hard at your rendetion of the Nation Anthem was beyond words.

Love You Forever,



Dear Baby 2,

I love you already....but you are seriously kicking my @ss. I forgot just how much morning sickness REALLY blows. You just keep right on growing and we will get out of this stage together.




Dear TriCare Rep.,

Wow, just wow. You couldn't finish a complete thought and had no idea of the answers to any of our questions! You made us sit there and this to you say "And then, umm where was I..." for 2 hours. You are not my favorite person ever right now.

Tierd and Grumpy,



Dear Hubs,

You kick some srious @ss! You are by far the bestest husband EVER! Though when I told you I would see you later and went to walk out the door without Little A your comment baffled me. "Wait, what am I supposed to do with her for 2 hours?" Really honey, do I really not make you do enough that you aren't sure how to entertain your own child for 2 hours? But what do ya know, you did it...I came home to a house of blocks and Little A sitting in your lap watching you so very intently. See, I knew you could do it!

Your Truly,



Dear Readers,

Hop on over to Kat's to grab your button and play along! I know I have taken a slight hiatus but I have good reason...the porcelien really has become my new BFF.

Have a great weekend,



Big Mama Cass said...

right there with the morning sickness with ya... bleh! how far along are you?

a.l.b. said...

only about 7 weeks but it's enough to make me want to never eat so i don't through up anything funny....