Thursday, September 3, 2009

What Happens When You Give A Child Caffiene....

Last night Hubs gave Little A a chocolate chip cookie. Normally they do nothing for her. But this was no ordinary had magical powers. My 15 month old turned into Crazy Baby!

Let me play this scene out for you.....

*Sitting on the couch with daddy eating a cookie watching the last 15 minutes of Barney*

Mom: Ok munchkin, bed time.

*Little A reaches up gives us goodnight kisses and hugs and then we head off to bed*

8:30 rolls around and I hear giggling coming from her room.

I go in to see what the heck is so funny and she is sitting....staring at the wall...laughing.

I bring her out to the living room to see if I can calm her down a little.

*The craziness begins*

Hubs is talking to his parents and I am sitting on the floor getting ready to read Little A a book when she takes off. Running in a circle sticking her tongue out yelling "ARRRRRRRRRR."

Then she proceeded to do a front flip on tile floor...laughing hysterically.

She got up took off at full speed down the hall and ran smack dab into the wall and yelled "BOOOOOOOOM" as she flew backwards.

She then proceeded to run back down the hall and land right in my lap...knocking the breath right out of me.

FINALLY after 30 minutes of Crazy Baby my Little A came back to me. She put her hand on her hip and looked me square in the eye and said "MaMa...Night Night."

She walked back to her room (hand still on the hip) and sat next to her crib until I could comprehend everything that just happened and get back there.

My child has officially lost her ever loving mind...and all caffeine privileges for the rest of her life!

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JG said...

Hahahaha! That's awesome. Girl's got attitude!